Location: Detroit, MI

Industry: Education

WSU entered into a strategic partnership with SVT to provide campus-wide surveillance to protect the students and faculty on and around campus (including the parking structure, main building, and a mobile solution).

In the parking structure, SVT provided consultation and design for full coverage of the structure. Several different camera types were used to ensure proper image clarity. SVT also provided programming of all camera range of view, IP addresses, password assignment firmware and camera setting with full integration with the NICE system at WSU. The solution consisted of approximately 160 different cameras.​

The WSU Old Main building required custom mounting solution for six cameras. SVT was careful to install an effective solution while taking care to preserve the historical design of the building.​

In addition, SVT designed and built a covert surveillance system integrated into a vehicle used for surveillance of the surrounding campus and mid-town Detroit community. SVT custom-designed housings and installed an eight camera system. All cameras were setup to store video on a recording system onboard the vehicle (with a 12 hour capacity.​)


  • Video Distribution
  • Security & Surveillance
  • LCD Display
  • Video Wall
  • Crestron Control