Location: New York, NY

Industry: Healthcare

As a nonprofit, Start Treatment and Recovery relies heavily on volunteers who form their board of Trustees, Advisory Council, and even support the Institutional review board. It is essential for staff to be able to communicate effectively with volunteers who have limited time. Start needed to upgrade their conference room systems at two locations.

SVT solution provided improved functionality of conference room with integrated conferencing and content sharing. SVT was able to provide a cost effective and flexible solution leverage existing equipment and integrating it into a more robust and functional system by upgrading the audio system to enable content audio and integrated telephone interface for conferencing​. The solution also provided sound reinforcement for presentation audio, far end and microphone audio is provided via 6-speakers over 2 zones​, wireless presentation with audio output during conferencing and through speakers for room sound reinforcement​ and a control system via an Apple iPad for projector & displays on/off, room audio level/mute, microphone level/mute, and phone features​.


  • Barco ClickShare​
  • Atlona distribution am and receiver​
  • Revolabs wireless and directional tabletop microphones
  • Biamp DSP/mixer​
  • JBL audio amplifier​
  • QSC ceiling speakers
  • Crestron control system via iPad