Location: Napoleon, OH

Industry: Healthcare

Henry County Hospital needed an upgrade to their existing, outdated nurse call system. After reviewing several competitive manufacturer solutions, Henry County chose SVT and the ASCOM Nurse Call system.​

SVT provided and installed the ASCOM Telligence Gateway to interface between the nurse call IP network and the hallway network. The system uses voice over IP, provides power and connectivity for corridor and room devices. The overall benefit is a reliable, secure patient response solution.​

SVT’s solution included Myco phones to allow staff to improve workflow and patient response. The Myco phones integrate with the Telligence Nurse Call system allowing for event and nurse call management.​

The solution helps to facilitate improved communication between patients and care givers, streamline workflow, and collect data for analytics and quality assessments for continuous improvement.


  • Full hospital nurse call conversion covering Inpatient, ER, OR, L&D, and Therapy departments​
  • 25 inpatient beds with workflow stations, bed connect and TV controls​
  • Complete mobility leveraging VoWiFi enabled handsets with full integration to nurse call system for data sharing, messaging and alerts