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Professional Services: Critical Communication

Critical Communication

Wireless Communication

An effective communication system assists acute and sub-acute care units through more efficient response times.
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Mobile Voice & Data

SVT can integrate a network that is both secure and dependable and serves as a tool to increase the efficiency of the clinician.
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Measureable ROI

Our experienced team understands the dynamics of the medical environment and can help increase customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs, increase revenue, and ultimately improve patient care.
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Real-Time Location Services

SVT provides real-time location systems for patient, staff, and asset tracking.
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SVT extends communication between healthcare providers and patients.
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Integrating to Improve Patient Care


Qualified Healthcare Expertise

I could not be more pleased [with the SVT install] ....this has been an Oscar winning performance.

-Lisa C. Berry-Bobovski M.A. Scientific Director, Behavioral and Field Research Core Population Studies and Disparities Research Wayne State University Karmanos Cancer Institute